Accusations of police brutality, injuries and theft of 20 thousand pesos are made against the city officials in Mazatlán.

A chicken delivery man is hospitalized at General Hospital in Mazatlán after being beaten by municipal agents who raided a roastery located in Lomas del Ébano colony in Mazatlán on Tuesday morning.

As a collateral victim is a young law student, who was assaulted during the scuffle and three minors from the same family who witnessed the police abuse. The preventive agents and a high-ranking official from the corporation that made up the convoy of patrol cars are accused of supposed abuse of authority, theft of 20 thousand pesos and two cell phones that were taken away from their owners during the fight and not returned after they were released on bail.

According to the version of people who were at the family business selling meat and roasted chickens, more than a dozen police officers arrived at the establishment minutes before noon with the argument that it was an assailant and tried to search the belongings of the delivery man identified as Andrés, who had just started his work shift and was enjoying his cell phone on a motorcycle.

Andrés asked why he needed to be searched, but was subdued by the uniformed officers and thrown onto the back of the patrol car, despite his girlfriend’s cry that begged them to stop beating him because he suffers from heart disease.

“Hey, the boy is sick, he has heart disease, please don’t hurt him!”, she pleaded for them not to maltreat him.

The situation got out of control, a student identified as Nancy, tried to help the delivery man, but was subdued by two female police officers who hit her in the stomach, back, and arms.

Meanwhile, the rest of the police were struggling with the workers and the owner of the establishment in an attempt to arrest them. During the confrontation, there were material damages, several kilograms of grilled meat and chickens ended up on the floor when a refrigerator collapsed due to the pushes.

Andrés and Nancy were taken to the municipal jail and released by their captors under charges of being supposed assailants and the girl his accomplice. However, the Civil Court judge released them both with a fine of 1,100 pesos each.

Later that afternoon, Andrés complained of pain in his abdomen, chest, and arms. He was taken by his relatives to the emergency room at General Hospital for medical attention, as he has a history of heart disease.

The affected family condemned the behavior of the preventive agents, who they will sue for abuse of authority and theft of money and cell phones. The complaint was filed with the Internal Affairs Unit of the corporation, they said, so that an investigation can be initiated.

Source: Debate