Increase in toll fees affects Mazatlán, which receives most of the tourism via road

The municipal president explained that state, municipal authorities and legislators must do “a lot” to put pressure on the increase to be reconsidered.

Mazatlán, Sin.- The municipal president, Édgar González Zatarain, spoke out against the increase that was applied to highway toll rates, and considered that it is incorrect because it is not in line with the services they provide.

After Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe) implemented as of this Thursday, November 16, a 3 percent increase in costs for the use of concessioned roads, bridges and highways, the mayor of Mazatlán compared the case with drainage, that, due to being collapsed in this city, the cost cannot be increased.

“A total rejection of that increase. It is as if we wanted to increase people’s drain discharge charges when the drain is collapsed. It is something similar, how you increase the charge at the booth when the road is destroyed, when it is in bad condition, when it is risky and does not offer you security.”

The mayor considered that the Mazatlán-Culiacán toll road is in critical condition due to the conditions it is currently in, as well as other sections of the highway to the south of the entity, which is also in poor condition.

He insisted that, for Mazatlán, as a tourist destination, this increase in the cost of highways is another blow, because a large number of tourists arrive by road and this can inhibit their determination to vacation.

“For us it means a lot as a port, as a government, because of the traffic we have as a tourist destination. We are going to enter the traffic of the countrymen, even North Americans and Canadians who come by land, and this is a very bad way to receive them.”

Given this, which he considered a delicate issue, Édgar González considered it necessary that federal deputies, Senators, state governors and mayors must join forces and make a lot of efforts before the federal government to reconsider this new increase due to the repercussions it will bring among those who recurrently move along the country’s toll roads.

“This has to do with concessions and is raised to the chamber of deputies and senators. We must ask them to help with this issue, so that they regulate this part through the Ministry of Communications and Transport. There must be a concession agreement that must be reviewed to verify whether it is complying with what corresponds to the concessionaire, in maintaining the road in good condition.”

Source: Linea Directa