Young Mazatlans celebrate the musical influence of K-Pop, in the Central Park

The head of Imju, organizer of K-Shop Dance, affirms that the municipal government seeks to support all young people and encourage them in their activities

Mazatlán, Sin.- Around 200 people, including children and adults, participated in the K-Shop Dance, organized by the Municipal Youth Institute, an event that brought excitement, joy and a lot of dancing to the facilities of the Central Park.

K-pop is a style created from the union of several genres, but its essence is based on the popular music of South Korea, and little by little it has been gaining ground internationally, and Mazatlán is no exception, since dozens of young people enjoyed the dances at this event.

The director of Imju, Iván Alejandro Osuna Bastidas, said that as directed by Mayor Edgar González, the institute is open to expressions that promote the healthy development of Mazatlan youth, which is why the institute has joined forces with the youth to carry out these types of events.

“The main initiative of the Municipal Government of Mazatlán, headed by Edgar González, is to promote this type of activities, (…) we want youth to be heard, for youth to be supported in their identity. That is why we constantly work to support, in this case the K-pop event, it is very beautiful and very noble; “We as a government, give the importance that corresponds to youth.”

Contests were held at the K-Shop Dance and the winners won albums by artists of the aforementioned genre, in addition to dance competitions and stands offering Korean snacks, drinks and accessories.

Source: Linea Directa