Bitter experience! Tourists from Guadalajara trapped in an elevator, in Mazatlán

Father with his baby in a stroller entered the elevator to go make a reservation at a restaurant, but it did not go up or open the door until the firefighters took them out.

Mazatlan Sinaloa. Tourists from Guadalajara suffered a bad experience on their long weekend vacation when they were locked up for almost an hour in an elevator at the Camino al Mar shopping center.

It was reported that the father and a baby in a stroller went up to the glass elevator that is located in front of the different businesses to go make a reservation at a restaurant, when suddenly the elevator stopped and did not open the door either.

Time passed and so did the desperation of both the wife who was outside and the person locked up, until the members of the Mazatlán Veteran Firefighters arrived at the scene and began to evaluate the situation.

A maintenance assistant was there and the situation was getting complicated, until they went up to the roof where the elevator arrival base is located and activated the emergency button and later the fire department elements were able to open the door to for the trapped people to come out.

The tourist, who identified himself as Daniel, 37 years old, and the 10-month-old baby named María were checked and evaluated, so they did not need to be transferred for a medical check-up. The wife, who was waiting for the elevator door to open at all times, seemed worried, especially about the baby, but once outside, she took her in her arms and wouldn’t let her go, especially because she started to cry.

Fortunately, the situation did not escalate and everything remained a bitter experience.

Source: Linea Directa