Costs, schedules and everything you can find at ExpoFeria Canaco 2023

The ExpoFeria Canaco will be available until December 10

MAZATLAN. – The ExpoFeria Canaco 2023 is back in Mazatlán and more renewed than ever, so if you are planning to visit it soon, be sure to read the following information that will be really useful to you.

First things first, what is the price? The admission wristband has a price of 120 pesos and includes most of the attractions, we say most because there are mechanical games in which you have to pay an extra amount, these fees range from 50 to 60 pesos per person, this you have to be very clear about it because if you go as a family the budget could increase.

Some of the games that have this extra price are The Haunted House, The Wheel of Fortune, The Roller Coaster, Gravity and one more virtual reality game.

The rest of the attractions are free with your bracelet, however, you must keep in mind that since they are free, the lines extend and on weekends the waiting time for each game can exceed 30 minutes or more, this will depend on the attraction type, for example the most requested are Twister, The Tower, Star Fire, Bumper Cars and Carousel for the little ones.

As far as fair games go, there are the classic ones like lifting a bottle, target shooting, shooting a ball and even strength games, but dammit! some may have a little trick, so don’t stress, the important thing here is to have fun and have a good time.

The keychain stand is one of the most visited or wouldn’t you like to have a souvenir with a photo of your sweetheart? The price of a keychain is 50 pesos, but if you get two they leave it for 80 pesos, the best thing is that they let you choose what type of design you want.

One of the favorite areas is the food area, which this time is larger and is divided into two options: in the first you can find tacos and in the second you can buy snacks such as strawberries with cream, potatoes, banderillas, popcorn and corn. Of course, the stalls of gorditas filled with chocolate or cashiers are everywhere so the craving can follow you throughout your journey.

If you drank a lot of liquid, don’t worry, there are public bathrooms for 10 pesos, these toilets are being cleaned every hour so the experience will be pleasant.

Another thing we should mention is that in the commercial pavilion you can find various brands, the ones that will surprise you the most are an Oxxo store and a Café Marino outlet in case you get a craving for a vanilla ice cream.

In general, the experience of going to the fair is quite good, you just have to plan the day and time, especially if you are one of the people who doesn’t like waiting so much to get on a mechanical ride. Our recommendation would be to go during the week and early in the morning.

Remember that the Canaco Fair will be available until December 10.

Source: Punto