Lighting, paving and sewage infrastructure, main requests from citizens

It is the third time that the “Listening to the People” program has moved to neighborhoods and communities; now it was in Valles del Ejido

Mazatlán, Sin.-Public lighting, paving and sewage infrastructure to avoid drainage spills, were the main requests from citizens during the public hearing “Listening to the people”, which on this occasion took place in Valles del Ejido.

María de Jesús Velarde, commissioner of the town of Escamillas, pointed out that they have been struggling with public lighting for several years and for next November 28, ejido day, they would like to celebrate with new lights.

They added that the lighting conversion program has not reached this community, where there are around 1,600 inhabitants, despite the fact that they are constantly reporting the deficiency of the service.

Griselda Bastidas, from the Jardines del Valle neighborhood, mentioned that there are continually drainage spills on Tepuxta and Rosales streets and that when the subdivision was built a pumping station was placed there, but it only has one pump, which no longer exists. It is enough, because little by little it has been populated.

Because of the overflows, there is a lot of breeding ground for dengue-transmitting mosquitoes; Her two daughters have already contracted this infection, in addition to fever due to the bad odors of sewage. She commented that when Jumapam is called, they take a long time to respond to the report and when they come, the remedy only lasts a week and the spill continues again.

Evodia Cervantes is a resident of Las Iguanas Street, between Santa Rosa and Conchi Avenues, in Valles del Ejido, where there have been failures in public lighting for years. She mentioned that there are six lights that are out and to date they have not been replaced with new ones.

She, along with a group of neighbors, also came to request the paving of this street, a work that they have been promising since the times of former president Carlos Feltón.

This is the third time that the public hearing leaves the Cabildo and moves to neighborhoods and communities. Mayor Edgar González Zatarain reported that stands with services and the different programs that the City Council has are also coming.

“Now that we take it out, people suddenly ask us for attention, we take turns and so we better go immediately, suddenly they ask us for a wheelchair, we were prepared with some equipment of wheelchairs, canes, crutches, but then We also channel people for studies, but to be more immediate and not make people do a second round, we must approach them and bring them the services,” he said.

The first “hearing” was held in Villa Unión, then in La Foresta and now in Valles del Ejido.

“Listening to the people” in a public hearing program where citizens have the opportunity to present their problems directly to the mayor and his officials.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan