Three missing sisters reported in Mazatlán

The Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office issues an Amber Alert for the disappearance of the minors

The Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office issued an Amber Alert for the disappearance of three minors from Mazatlán who went out with their father and have not been heard from.

According to the information, the events took place on November 5, when they left their home in the Buenos Aires neighborhood.

The complaint was filed with the authorities this Thursday, revealing the facts of the sisters’ disappearance.

The minors are identified as Alexa Jacqueline, five years old, Aylin Yamileth, six years old, and Ashley Yazmín, 10 years old.

The youngest of the sisters, with dark skin and straight hair, was dressed in shorts, a blouse and sandals.

The one in the middle is described as having white skin and straight hair, who was also dressed at the time of her disappearance in shorts, a blouse and sandals.

And the oldest one has dark skin, straight hair, and the last time she was seen she was wearing a mint green dress with white flowers printed on it and sandals.

According to the files from the Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office, the three minors left their house accompanied by their father.

The Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office indicates that up to now there is no further information on their whereabouts and considers that their integrity could be at risk, since they may be victims of the commission of a crime.

Source: Noreste