Delfines Beach in Cancun registers strong erosion of up to 10 meters

One of the most visited sandy areas in this tourist destination is Playa Delfines, a beach that has erosion of up to 10 meters, which took the visitors by surprise, as they assured that it has been expanding over time, since in some parts it is even possible to see the stones.

According to the lifeguards, this situation has been going on for several weeks, but it has been increasing, so they have had to keep an eye on the tourists, especially in the area where the stones are evident, as they could have an accident.

Armando, one of the beach lifeguards, said that this phenomenon had not been seen for a long time, since it started with three meters of erosion and has been spreading as time goes by, so he was grateful that the spawning season of turtles has already finished, because otherwise they would not be able to do it.

“We found this situation of erosion on the beaches somewhat strange, specifically in Delfines, which is a very visited sandy area, let’s hope that the sand returns, because if the sea is very aggressive, the waves are strong as you can see,” he said in interview with Por Esto!

And although coastal erosion is mainly driven by natural phenomena such as rising sea levels, the action of marine currents that carry the sea out of place, the waves during periods of storms cause it to increase; However, human activities enhance it, such as the hotel constructions that are built near the beaches.

The tourists who were visiting Playa Delfines said they were unaware of the effects of erosion, so they were even unaware that this phenomenon existed on the shores of the beaches, since it is something that visitors are rarely talked about and informed about, so Although they saw a difference, they did not give it importance.

“We did see that there was less sand, but we thought it was normal, since we don’t know much about the sea, well we didn’t know, the truth is that you do see holes along the beach, some stones are even noticeable that could represent a danger, but let’s hope that the problem will be resolved soon, since the beach does not look as beautiful as it should,” said Joaquín Rosas, from Sonora.
Source: Por Esto