They propose creating the mayor’s office of Cancun in the hotel zone after the departure of Fonatur

The Legislative Observatory proposes the formation of a Citizen Council in charge of supervising the use of fiscal resources and the granting of permits.

Under the context of the withdrawal of the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (Fonatur) from Comprehensively Planned Centers, such as Cancún, announced in appearances in the Chamber of Deputies, the Legislative Observatory of Quintana Roo highlighted the need to implement a plan of attention for public services in the Hotel Zone.

In addition, they raised the possibility of establishing a mayor’s office in this portion of the vacation destination, with the formation of a Citizen Council in charge of supervising the use of fiscal resources and the granting of permits.

In the recent appearance of Miguel Torruco in the Chamber of Deputies, it was revealed that the resources allocated to the maintenance of the Comprehensively Planned Centers will be transferred to the municipalities, including Benito Juárez.

“This implies that the municipalities will assume responsibility for the services that Fonatur has provided, including the services in Cancún,” explained the president of the observatory, Eduardo Galaviz.

Confirmation of this situation is found in the call for the sale of Fonatur’s properties without construction, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on November 16. In Quintana Roo, 13 properties are being promoted in Cancún and 20 in Cozumel.

The Legislative Observatory indicated in a statement that, in the latest expenses of the municipality of Benito Juárez, minimum percentages were assigned to public works in the Hotel Zone, compared to payroll expenses and other expenses that reach 85 percent.

Although the Federation Expenditure Budget allocates more than one billion pesos to Fonatur for 2024, “the question arises about the sufficiency of the nearly 200 million allocated to the maintenance of the Cancun Hotel Zone, especially with the need to expand services to support the growth of the area,” he indicated.

The Legislative Observatory considers aspects such as the operation of the water treatment plants, the energy supply and, later, the cleaning and daily maintenance of the bridge that will cross the lagoon.

“There is an urgency to evaluate the organizational structure of the Hotel Zone within the municipal framework, including the possible creation of a Mayor’s Office, given the number of residences, hotels and businesses in the area,” said Eduardo Galaviz.

In addition, the creation of a Citizen Council is proposed to supervise the use of fiscal resources and permits.

Said observatory considers these crucial points to avoid neglect of the maintenance of the Hotel Zone and prevent chaos in its public spaces, similar to what happens in the center of the city of Cancun, with the presence of street vendors and the concession of spaces on medians and sidewalks in the Hotel Zone to establish businesses, as has been attempted recently.

Source: Milenio