Alegría Querétaro Festival 2023: ice rinks and floats in event Free!

The festival will begin on December 1, with the placement of the megapine in San Juan del Rio and a Christmas village.

The Alegría Querétaro Contigo Festival, which will be carried out in conjunction with the DIF municipal systems, which begins on December 1 and will conclude on January 10, 2024, will have ice rinks in 11 municipalities and parades with floats will be held, Which will tour 10 municipalities; In addition, there will be activities in 14 municipalities of the state and all of them will be free.

The director of the DIF State System, Óscar Gómez Niembro, announced the holding of the expressed that the objective of this festival is to maintain Querétaro as a place of meeting, harmony and union for Querétaro families, through coexistence, in order to strengthen the values.

He explained that the festival will begin on December 1, with the placement of the megapine in San Juan del Rio and a Christmas village.

“The objective of this festival is to provide conditions of coexistence, joy among the entire Querétaro community and use it to strengthen fundamental values such as family, peace, respect, unity, coexistence and brotherhood among those of us who make up the Querétaro community”, highlighted the General Director of SEDIF, recalling that last year there was a white balance and an influx of 150 thousand attendees in the different activities.

Likewise, he indicated that security and care will prevail in these celebrations so that Queretaro residents can have fun in an atmosphere of unity. He explained that the parades will arrive on December 10 in Landa de Matamoros; on December 11 to Jalpan de Serra; on December 13 to Ezequiel Montes; on December 14 to Cadereyta; on December 15 in Tequisquiapan; on December 16 in Tolimán; On December 17 he will be in Querétaro; on December 18 in Corregidora; on December 19 in Pedro Escobedo; and on December 20 in San Juan del Río.

While the ice rinks will be in operation from December 1 to 16 in Pinal de Amoles; from December 20 to January 4 in San Joaquín; from December 3 to 18 in Querétaro; from December 24 to January 8 in Tequisquiapan; from December 5 to 20 in El Marqués; from December 6 to January 7 in Ezequiel Montes; from December 18 to January 2 in Peñamiller; from December 2 to 17 in Cadereyta; from December 22 to January 6 in Querétaro; from December 1 to 15 in San Juan del Río; and from December 26 to January 10 in Pedro Escobedo.

Visitors during the Christmas season

In this sense, the Secretary of Tourism, Adriana Vega Vázquez Mellado, announced that 553 thousand visitors and an economic impact of 2.5 billion pesos are expected in events such as the presentation of the Christmas Herald, the National Festival of Rondallas, Lighting of the Friendship Tree, the Monumental Nativity, Coronation of the Queen of the Christmas Festivities, concerts, Traditional Parade and the Parade of the Traditional Bible Cars, among other activities.

“For us, Querétaro and Christmas activities are very important, because this season is very special, it is full of magic for everything it contains, the Christmas spirit, the opportunity to renew ourselves and show excitement, joy and enthusiasm,” emphasized Vázquez Mellado by announcing that monumental angels will also be installed in Plaza Constitución, the Christmas arcade on Madero Street, special lighting in Plaza de Armas and videomapping in the Corregidora Garden.

Citizens can review billboards on the social networks of the State DIF and the Ministry of Tourism. At the presentation were the director of the State Coordination of Civil Protection, Javier Amaya Torres; the commissioner of Parastatal Entities, Gerardo de la Garza Pedraza; as well as holders of municipal presidencies, presidents and directors of the Municipal DIF Systems, among other guests.

Source: Radio Formula