Casa Prosperina has the most photogenic corner of San Miguel de Allende, this is why

What is the most sought after place to make a postcard in San Miguel de Allende? Without a doubt there are emblematic sites such as the facade of the parish of San Miguel Arcángel, Aldama Street, the statue of Fray Juan de San Miguel or Juárez Park, but in recent months there is a site that has positioned itself among tourists for the elegance of its decorations, its variety and the ease of embellishing photographs.

The Heritage City boasts of having a postcard at every point in the center where a camera lens is pointed, but those who are always most sought after find one of the main ones in the pink quarry cathedral.

Likewise, the slope of Umarán street on the corner of Jesús, the Las Monjas temple, the Fine Arts building, the façade of the Mayorazgo de la Canal house.

All emblematic buildings that keep their own stories, but there is one place in particular that has become one of the most photographed by visitors; This is Casa Prosperina, a property located on Relox Street, half a block from the main garden.

 What attracts visitors to take photographs in this place is the decoration of its façade, which is changed according to the season, the festivity or the artistic expression that its creator seeks to convey.

Hadley O Regan is the owner of the property, a North American who moved to San Miguel de Allende 7 years ago:

“The city has given me so much, so we started with the design of the façade as a token of gratitude and to give a little more beauty to San Miguel de Allende.”

She said that at Casa Prosperina 99 percent of the staff is women, “so Lupita is our florist and I gave her the freedom to do what she wants (with the decorations on the facade); She is the one who comes up with the decoration. I wanted her art to flow; She presents me with her proposal and I simply say yes.”

She emphasized that it is very important for her to celebrate art in this community and especially the art of women, “that’s why I let her mind flow.”

Friendly and smiling, Hadley described it as wonderful that tourists take photographs of her on her façade:

“I would like people to tag the house a little more, but I still think it’s wonderful. It’s amazing to open the door and find people applauding. “It’s great to see how people enjoy the decor.”

She shared that sometimes it has gotten a little crazy because the house is an Airbnb and also a small boutique hotel, “so sometimes guests want to come in and people yell at them to take their place, but they are not there to take the photo, but to stay. Other than that, it’s been wonderful and I love seeing people happy.” Even herself has waited for people to take pictures before entering her own home. Hadley recalled that when she bought the house, it was a disaster, so she had to redecorate it, make it nice and also do the same with the facade.

  She announced that the next decoration will be Christmas and that it will be amazing. “I like that, it is changing and I think it brings traffic (of people) to the street, which is very good for the stores. It’s fun, I enjoy creativity and I like people to appreciate it.” She regretted that the facade of her house does not bring more guests, but she highlighted that it has now even become a topic of conversation and a place sought after by visitors, boasted of and advertised on social networks.

Source: Periodico Correo