Crocodile attacks tourist in Sisal swamp in Yucatan

  A tourist was attacked by a crocodile when entering a waterhole near the Sisal swamp, this municipality of Mayan extraction.

The events occurred Monday, around 3:00 p.m., when Joel J. P., originally from the state of Mexico, was participating in ecotourism activities in Sisal, along with a group of friends.

After a while, the man decided to go into a water near the swamp to bathe.

While he was in the water he was attacked by a crocodile, which caught him in its jaws, although the victim defended himself as best he could.

His friends immediately entered the water and with different objects scared away the reptile, which measured more than two meters.

The saurian even tried to get closer to land but was repelled with a rope that, in the end, it chewed and then moved away. But Joel was now safe.

After loading him into the small boat, the emergency numbers 911 were notified to request help while he was taken to dry land.

After a few minutes he was treated by paramedics from the State Police, while municipal police cordoned off the area.

The tourist had several injuries to his right leg, but was diagnosed as stable and without risk to his life.

The victim is in a hospital in the city of Mérida.

At the site, there appear to be no signs or other notices indicating the presence of saurians in the swamp.

Source: La Jornada