Change the profile of the traveler who visits Los Cabos

Much of the tourism that visits the destination is interested in activities beyond golf, sport fishing or nautical activities.

Esponda Cascajares shared that this year began with a growing flow of visitors, both national and international, and that starting in August and September it began to adjust with seasonal growth.

“There are very solid advance reservations for the end of the year. We think that the months of November and December are going to be very successful months not only because of the number of visitors but because of the activities they will be carrying out in the destination,” said the interviewee.

Regarding the news, he said that the profile of the traveler changed. The traveler who previously came only to play golf or sport fishing, today is looking for experiences such as hiking, gastronomy, social responsibility and care for the environment.

Fortunately, he mentioned that the service chain in Los Cabos has been making a transformation in entertainment, gastronomy options, but not in traditional restaurants but in communities and organic farms under the Km 0 concept, as well as wellness experiences around measurement and sports such as hiking.

The slow food philosophy defends the so-called “km 0” products. It is the opposite of fast food, and is characterized by prioritizing natural and local products over processed and mass-produced foods.

“We hope that the year will be very positive and that the beginning of 2024 will have great expectations of additional connectivity. We have been adding new cities in the United States with direct connectivity. The last one that opened was Alaska Airlines from Las Vegas, but we have Kansas City and San Luis Missouri as new and with these we have 30 cities in the United States with direct connection,” said the director of Fiturca.

The growth is palpable because three years ago there were only 18 cities in the United States with a direct connection and today there are 30, a total of 12 more cities.

Another piece of good news for Los Cabos, he said, is that they are about to confirm that the Spain-Los Cabos flight, which has traditionally been carried out from June to September in the last two years, will open at the beginning of the year, which means double the number of seats from Europe.

Regarding the profile of the European tourist, he said they are accustomed to the aforementioned activities. “They are a tourist who do not stay in the hotel. They fly 12 hours precisely to have contact with nature, gastronomy, community and is aware of the social responsibility they have in the environment and this has provided a great opportunity for them to travel throughout Baja California Sur and have social benefits,” he concluded.

Source: El Sudcaliforniano