Demolition of part of the palapa foundation on Mazatlán beach is completed

The demolition of part of the foundation of a palapa on Mazatlán beach has already been completed and the other part has a seal of closure from the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, according to what was confirmed this Friday at the site.

On Thursday, Mayor Édgar González Zataráin announced the demolition of the part of the foundation that exceeded the concession of said palapa located in front of Avenida del Mar, between Flamingos Street and Rotarismo Avenue.

This day it was found that that part where at times the waves reached, obstructing the passage of bathers and people in general walking on the beach, has already been removed. Only near the place can we see the rods and heavy concrete with which it was built.

However, the rest of the concrete and rod foundation on the beach of the same palapa is in place as it was built in recent days starting last week, but it does have the Profepa seal of closure.

Although there are some construction workers on the stairs leading down to the site, they are not working due to the closure seal that was placed on that work.

They only confirmed that the demolished part and the closed part belong to the same palapa.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday the Mayor stated that he will request the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources to withdraw the concession of said palapa in the federal zone and that the entire foundation completed in the last four days be demolished, that is, at the end from last week and early this week.

He said that due to federal concessions Mazatlán is losing several beach areas.

On Thursday he announced the demolition of a part of that foundation and reiterated that on Tuesday he will meet in Mexico City with the coordinator of Semarnat delegations to discuss the case of said palapa, that the concession be withdrawn and the work be demolished. and we will see what is related to the other concessions on the beaches of this port.

Source: Noreste