They polish the streets and avenues of Mazatlán before the Marathon and Triathlon

MAZATLAN.- The long-awaited return of the Great Pacific Marathon and Triathlon 2023, after three years of absence, is giving Mazatlán a renewed look, just in time to receive thousands of visitors during the weekend of December 1 to 3. In addition to anticipating a large influx, the city presents itself with an unbeatable face.

The Parks and Gardens departments, as well as Urban Cleaning, work hard to beautify the destination, and they will not only do so before the event, but also during and after this outstanding sports festival, according to the director of Municipal Public Services, Karla Camacho Guzmán.

Given the proximity of the event, the transformation of the routes along which the athletes will travel began. The objective is to ensure that they are in optimal conditions for all participants and visitors, anticipating a considerable flow along the routes.

“In Cerritos we are doing a review due to work by Jumapam and Constructoras on hydraulic installations. Excess material is being removed. In addition to fine sweeping, Parks and Gardens has pruned weeds and removed dead material.”

The director pointed out that in the coming days, Public Works will begin to paint all the points along the route of the most important sporting event in the Pacific, and especially in Mazatlán. The goal is to show the world the great moment that the destination is experiencing with an impeccable image.

During the event, a special program will be implemented with workers equipped with black bags, spiders and brooms to remove plastic waste, during and after the sports event. The goal is to maintain a clean and aesthetically pleasing city as routes and supply points are freed up.

Mazatlán is not only a party

The return of the Pacific Marathon and Triathlon is cause for celebration, not only for its sporting impact, but also for demonstrating that Mazatlán is not only a nighttime destination, but also hosts highly relevant sporting events, in addition to soccer and professional baseball.

José Ramón Manguar Sánchez, president of the Tres Islas Hotel Association, highlighted the importance of recognizing this event, which has been part of Mazatlán in various circumstances. He highlighted that its return deserves to be celebrated, as it contributes significantly to the port and presents tourism from a different perspective.

“This festival gives us the opportunity for young people to fall in love with the destination. Now they come for sport, but later they can come to enjoy with their family or friends to vacation at any time,” he mentioned.

Finally, he estimated that hotel occupancy will be around 95 percent during the three days of the event.

Source: Punto