Violent demonstration ends with two people run over in Oaxaca


Residents of a dozen communities in the district of Sola de Vega held a demonstration in the office complexes of the Administrative and Judicial City of the government of Oaxaca.

After 10:00 in the morning, around 300 indigenous people from Santo Domingo Teojomulco, San Lorenzo Texmelúcan, San Ildefonso and Santa María Sola de Vega, among others, blocked access to both offices, beating workers who tried to escape from the manifestation.

In Administrative City, which houses 11 buildings of different institutions, including the Judiciary, protesters attacked a highway police officer with sticks and machetes.

At the Tlalixtac de Cabrera intersection, they set tires on fire and placed stones to block the roads.

There, they vandalized around thirty private vehicles that, without knowing, were approaching the blockade to look for alternative routes.

Several drivers had their windshields broken, stones were thrown with slingshots, and their tires were punctured.

“I’m going to turn around and they started attacking, it’s totally an attack, I’m going to turn around, I’m seeing that they’re blocking, I’m going to turn around and look, they broke my windshield, compadre, they’re in very bad shape… ”, attacked driver.

Another driver tried to clear the blockade and ended up running over two people.

Later they set fire to garbage and tires at the exit of Ciudad Administrativa.

Residents of Teojomulco tie the undersecretary of the Government of Oaxaca to a pole.

Edgar Gandarillas, undersecretary of the Government of Oaxaca, went to negotiate with the protesters and was tied by the hands to a pole. After two hours, he was released.

” Everything was fine, some blows on the back, but everything was fine.” Edgar Gandarillas, Director of Management of the Government Secretariat.

The official spoke about the negotiation.

“The indication was, there ia a fire inside the Administrative City, we negotiated with them for the Fire Department to enter and the condition was to retain the firefighters and that they not leave until their demands are met, it was also being negotiated to allow the exit of the women who were with children inside the building that is next to the Administrative City and that was where they caught fire, but everything is a part of the job and here we are.” Edgar Gandarillas, Director of Management of the Government Secretariat.

Once free, the official reiterated that he “was not so showy”; Likewise, he highlighted that they are “hazards of the job.”

Another worker at a water distribution company was hit in the head.

To intensify the demonstration, another group moved to block the federal highway that connects the city of Oaxaca with the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, causing lines of tractor-trailers of up to a kilometer. After 6 p.m. the protesters retreated.

During the day of violence, the Oaxaca State Police remained about 300 meters from the protest.

Source: Uno TV