Cancún: Migration once again becomes a problem for tourists

For five hours, 244 passengers of Hi Fly airline flight 761 from Rome remained inside the plane upon arriving at the Cancun Airport because Immigration did not allow them to get off the aircraft, upon verifying that the airline had not paid the departure fee. Non-Resident (DNI).

Apparently, the passengers were on the plane until midnight because an immigration officer closed all possibilities to resolve the matter and intended to keep them there until the next day, until immigration officer Julio Rivas intervened.

“The Immigration authority, an arrogant young woman, refused everything and wanted the passengers to remain there until the next day. Finally, the travel agency, Viajes MECA, took charge of the payment,” said Sergio González Rubiera, national president of AMATUR and honorary consul of Norway.

The problems they had were from trying to pay with American Express because they did not accept this deductible, finally they succeeded with several payments with a VISA card.

As reported by, the mistreatment that has been given to tourism coming not only from Colombia, but also from countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador and Cuba that arrives in the Mexican Caribbean at the Cancun airport with an authorized visa, is increasing and already word is spreading among family and friends warning them not to come to Mexico because they risk losing their money, their flight and their vacation, which impacts the entire tourism sector in the area. (“Latin tourists from 4 countries suffer mistreatment at customs in Cancun”).

Source: Reportur