Clash between taxi drivers in Oaxaca leaves 6 injured

At least six people were injured and five units were damaged due to a confrontation between two taxi drivers’ unions in Oaxaca, in which gunshots were reported, state sources reported preliminarily.

  The brawl was reported at the San Sebastián Etla intersection, on International Highway 190, north of the capital, where armed men on motorcycles chased several foreign taxi drivers with gunshots.

  The taxi drivers involved are from Sitio Santo Domingo Barrio Bajo, San Isidro Labrador, Santiago, Soledad, among others.

  At different points, the taxi drivers fought each other and damaged the units with various objects.

  The scuffles caused panic among passers-by and businesses, whose managers lowered the curtains.

  Some units were abandoned on the highway and medians, so the traffic on that road, which connects Puebla with Oaxaca, was affected.

  Elements of the State Police and the National Guard arrived at the site.

  That area of Oaxaca has a long-standing conflict between unions that dispute public transportation routes, including motorcycle taxis and materialist units.

  Both parties accuse each other of the invasion of routes, which has led to countless confrontations, in which firearms and the hand of organized crime have been highlighted, according to ministerial reports.

Source: El Mañana