Director of Crime Prevention of the port of Salina Cruz murdered in Oaxaca

It was a direct armed attack against Carlos L., who belonged to the Municipal Police; homicides have increased

The director of Crime Prevention of the Municipal Police of the port of Salina Cruz, Carlos L., was shot to death this Friday morning, when he was preparing to go to cover his shift at the police station, the authorities reported.

The Municipal Police element had left his home, in the Santita neighborhood, in the Salinas del Marqués population, which belongs to Salina Cruz, and he was inside his white vehicle when he was attacked on several occasions with gunshots.

The events occurred around 7:00 in the morning, according to reports from the police corporation itself, whose elements, with the support of the State Police and the National Guard (GN), immediately deployed a search operation.

According to preliminary information, a person was arrested and it is being investigated whether he was related to the murder committed to the detriment of the Director of Crime Prevention of the Municipal Police of Salina Cruz, but this has not yet been officially announced.

The death of the police element adds to a series of homicides that have occurred in recent months in the port of Salinacrucense, where direct attacks have been reported and the majority of the murders have not been clarified and remain unpunished.

As director of the Crime Prevention area of the municipal police station, the police element went to schools to offer talks to students about the importance of living without drugs, and distancing themselves from criminal acts.

Source: El Universal