Tulum hoteliers, worried about possible road chaos

  The inauguration of the Tulum International Airport, which coincided with the beginning of the high tourist season, the hotel sector expressed its concern about the works in progress near the North access of the Tulum National Park, which can generate road chaos towards the Coastal Zone,

David Ortiz Mena, vice president of the Hotel Council of the Mexican Caribbean, clarified that these works are beneficial, as is the launch of the new airport, but the risk of poor road traffic is undeniable.

Currently you can only enter the Tulum National Park, where there are many hotels and restaurants, through the southern access, but there is a Conanp checkpoint there to collect entry and inspect vehicles, which generates a line that can complicate the passage to the Coastal Zone.

The vice president of the Mexican Caribbean Hotel Council indicated that they will request an operation to help guide motorists to the coastal area, with Kukulcán Avenue as an alternative route. To do this, it is crucial to have sufficient detours and signage. They must also undertake a communication strategy, so that tourists, workers and companies are aware of this situation.

The Tulum Hotel Association, which is also chaired by Ortiz Mena, offers to coordinate with Tránsito and the other agencies in this operation.

On the other hand, this organization has requested the Municipal President, Diego Castañón Trejo, to create a mixed commission, with authorities from the three levels and members of the private initiative, to improve mobility in this tourist destination, in view of the operation of the new airport.

“With the new airport there will be a greater flow of visitors and vehicles, and it is important to see that there is as little impact as possible,” he commented, noting is more important now than to agree on a comprehensive project for the mobility of the city, which is constantly growing.

It cannot be overlooked that the airport opens in December, the month of greatest tourist movement for this destination.

Source: Por Esto