Victims from Acapulco begin to arrive in Playa del Carmen to work

In various workplaces, mainly hotels, the arrival of workers from Acapulco is already reflected, a city seriously affected in its tourism industry by Hurricane Otis.

This was announced by the leader of the CTM in Solidaridad, Luis Toribio Clavel, who commented that this favors the hotel sector due to the need for labor, which for the winter season requires 15 percent of employees.

It must be remembered that to support this population, some hotels recruited staff in this city in the State of Guerrero, offering payment for transportation and housing support, with the intention that those who lost their jobs because the hurricane destroyed their workplaces , they could have an income to help their families.

In this sense, he recalled that being an excellent tourist hub, attractive to nationals and foreigners, a low season is not so affected and therefore the hiring of labor is permanent.

“The large chains have contracts with tour operators, to the extent of their occupancy percentage, it is the percentage of labor; But in itself, the sector was not very affected because there is demand for labor in most of the work centers and more for the upcoming season.”

He pointed out that they require 15 percent more, which is why people from Guerrero are arriving in search of employment, many of whom are staying in the homes of relatives or acquaintances.

He indicated that the job boards are permanent because after the pandemic many people left and there are many vacancies. Little by little, that workforce has been recovering, as the days and months have passed, and new people have arrived due to the tragedy that has just happened.

Therefore, it is hoped that with these people the tourism sector can find the personnel to serve its visitors.

Source: Por Esto