Migrant caravan arrives in the southeast of Veracruz

  On Saturday, just under 2,000 migrants from Central and South American countries passed through southern Veracruz; Tonight they will sleep in Sayula de Alemán, but they will continue towards the United States of America, their collective stated.

As they passed through Aguilera, Sayula community, they rested, drank water, ate something and continued until they reached the municipal seat where the municipal authorities were waiting for the contingent of undocumented immigrants in the country.

Migrants who come from the countries of Honduras, Cuba, Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Colombia; They entered the Veracruz entity on November 30 through the Palomares-Jesús Carranza area, in Oaxaca and Veracruz, respectively.

Along the way, they have indicated that they have been victims of the staff of the National Migration Institute (INM), stating that they do not have permission to stay in the country.

This Sunday, they will continue their journey to Mexico City and later to the north of the country, and thereby fulfill the American dream.

There are 645 minors traveling in the caravan, walking hand in hand with their families.

Source: Al Calor Politico