Los Cabos remains the municipality with the most cases of dengue in BCS

At the moment, 408 confirmed cases are registered in the State, more than 50% occurred in Los Cabos.

In an interview with the media, Dr. Zazil Flores, head of the Ministry of Health (SSA) in Baja California Sur (BCS) spoke about the strategies to be taken in the increase in dengue cases and whose presence is greater in the municipality of Los Cabos than in the rest of the entity.

The official explained that, at the moment, 408 confirmed cases are registered in the State, of which 15 were in the municipality of Comondú, two in Mulegé, 63 in La Paz, 326 in the municipality of Los Cabos and two in Loreto; Of all the cases, at least 29 were classified as severe dengue and months ago, the death of a minor was recorded in Cabo San Lucas.

“Fortunately, despite the increase in cases, we have not had any other deaths and we hope that this will remain the case. We have intensively sought to train all doctors in the state, from all institutions and also private doctors, so that they have sufficient information to make early diagnosis and start appropriate treatment, in addition to referring patients with serious cases to hospitals so that they can be treated.”

She added that through intensive brigades they seek to encourage citizens to maintain total cleanliness in their homes, mainly in patios and containers with water, which are the main source of mosquitoes. She stressed that with the fumigation days the problem has also been contained, however, this process only serves to extinguish the adult mosquito, the generation of new mosquitoes and larvae depends on each home.

“In the municipality of Los Cabos we started with the cases from the month of August, we have spent seven days of fumigation circuit; we have also continued with the intensive work of the brigades which is essential to communicate with the population the measures that can be taken personally to avoid cases of dengue.

It is worth mentioning that at the national level, nearly 25 thousand confirmed cases of dengue have been diagnosed, which has resulted in more than 130 deaths from this cause.

Source: Dairio el Independiente