A subject involved in a shooting in the US was arrested in Puerto Escondido

For 32 years the FBI had been looking for Max G. L., who lived in Oaxaca under another identity

The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Oaxaca (FGEO) reported this Tuesday afternoon the arrest of a United States citizen for his alleged participation in several crimes committed in Baton Rouge, in the state of Louisiana.

Through a statement, prosecutor Bernardo Rodríguez Alamilla detailed that the subject identified as Max G. L. was denounced for events that occurred in Puerto Escondido, one of the most important tourist destinations in the entity.

For this reason, the Regional Deputy Prosecutor’s Office began an investigation in the municipality of San Pedro Mixtepec and discovered that the man of foreign nationality who resided in Oaxaca was usurping an identity and had outstanding accounts with the FBI.

It was then that the Prosecutor’s Office deployed an operation by the State Investigation Agency (AEI), with which it achieved the arrest of Max G.L., in compliance with order number 16838, issued by the Second Judicial District of Louisiana.

After the arrest, the Prosecutor’s Office informed the FBI agents, as well as personnel from the National Migration Institute (INM), to carry out the corresponding procedures, and the transfer to the city of Oaxaca to begin the extradition procedures to the United States. United States, where it is judicially required.

According to authorities, the subject is involved in a shooting in Baton Rouge in 1991, which left multiple victims, as well as gunshot wounds. However, no further details about the attack were revealed.

Even at the time, the federal office offered a reward of 10 thousand dollars for Max’s capture.

The FBI reported that it has already obtained permission for said person to enter the United States where he will be prosecuted.

Source: Infobae