Activities of the Ilusionante 2023 festival announced in Guadalajara and Magical Towns of Jalisco

Find out when the activities start and what will be there this year at the different venues.

The Ilusionante winter festival will arrive again in the Center of Guadalajara, starting on December 7. Luis Quintar Park, formerly Solidaridad, will also be part of the Christmas activities, municipal and state authorities announced.

In addition, the Magic Towns will join the festival starting December 14, where Lagos de Moreno will have an ice rink.

At a press conference, Governor Enrique Alfaro announced the activities, which are expected to be in full swing with all activities starting December 17.

“The spirit is the same every year, we want people to have surprises, to see the best face of our city and our magical towns, we want the city to shine, as we have done in GDLuz, for it to also be a message of hope, of joy,” said the governor.

Regarding mobility, in agreement with the Ministry of Transportation, schedules on public transportation will be increased to be able to enjoy this show if needed; with the understanding that the last shows conclude around 10 pm and the last trip is planned around 11, 11:30 am; Specifically for New Year’s, which is a special occasion, the hours on the lines and on the various sites and taxi platforms will be extended.

What will be at the Christmas festival in Guadalajara?

In the last edition of Ilusionante it had 4.5 million visitors, the majority from the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, but with 20 percent of visitors from outside the city.

“This festival has been consolidated and brings many benefits to formal commerce, and especially to the hotel sector; We are hoping to be able to exceed the 58 percent occupancy rate that was experienced in the city in December of last year this December. We want to reach above 60 percent and obviously the number of visitors. Hopefully we can reach almost 5 million visitors,” said the president of the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce, Raúl Uranga.

Attractions such as:

Ice rinks in the Center of Guadalajara and Luis Quintanar Park (starting on the 17th)

Polar station

Wheel of fortune (from 16)

Christmas market

Christmas show and fireworks

Videomapping in renovated Cathedral

Countdown and concert for the new year.

The fireworks show will be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, once a day.

From December 14, 2023 to January 6, 2024, the activities will reach Tequila, Mazamitla, Tapalpa, Ajijic, Talpa de Allende, Mascota, Lagos de Moreno, San Sebastián del Oeste, Sayula, Cocula and Temacapulín

They begin with the lighting of the tree, there will also be artificial snow generating machines, luminous sets of spheres, reindeer, nativity scenes and Christmas shows.

When will the Christmas Tree be lit?

Although the large Christmas tree placed in the Plaza Liberación in the Historic Center of Guadalajara has not yet been lit, visitors and tourists take the opportunity to take selfies in the first square in the city where the Christmas spirit is already felt.

“It’s more beautiful because you enjoy it, there are not so many people and you have the option to take the selfie more comfortably without waiting for them to vacate a little to take the selfie,” said María Teresa

The Christmas Ornament is headed by a giant nativity scene, which is also already assembled.

The tree will be lit tomorrow night in Liberación Square at 7:30 p.m.

The Ilusionante festival will be valid until January 6.

There will be surveillance operations in coordination with the Metropolitan Police, municipal police and federal forces, as well as a Civil Protection device for the structural reinforcement of the Plaza Liberación parking lot to generate conditions of tranquility for visitors.

Source: Milenio