What you should know about the traditional Guadalupe Reyes marathon and its posadas

From December 1st the magic of Christmas began to be felt, but it is from the 12th of this month that the posadas marathon begins, so get ready

Undoubtedly, the posadas are an integral part of the festivities during the traditional “Guadalupe Reyes” marathon. The activity of asking for posada is marked on the calendar as one of the popular practices during the December celebrations, involving two different groups: those who are inside and those who are outside.

Does this tradition sound familiar to you? If so, great! But if not, here are some important details you should know about this beautiful custom. It is very common for the owners of the house to remain inside while the outside group sings songs requesting to be admitted to said home.

Why do they ask for a posada?

Typically, asking for posada is a symbolic reenactment of the pilgrimage of Mary and Joseph in their search for lodging before the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. The word “posada” translates as “lodging” in Spanish, and the activity involves a group of people, commonly neighbors or friends, representing the Holy Family and requesting shelter at the doors of different homes.

What is the celebration like?

Some details of the tradition usually take place during the nine days prior to Christmas Eve, known as the “Christmas Posadas.” Every night, a group of people, accompanied by friends and neighbors, go around different houses knocking on doors and singing traditional Christmas carols.

Upon arriving at each house, the pilgrims request lodging through special songs that symbolize the search for shelter. The response of the hosts is also expressed through traditional songs, and on many occasions, they are symbolically denied entry before finally being welcomed. After this, the celebration continues with music, food and drink for all participants.


This festive reenactment, the tradition of asking for posada, has deep meaning, representing solidarity, hospitality and empathy towards those seeking refuge. It reminds society of the importance of helping those in need, establishing a connection with the biblical story and adding a spiritual dimension to the celebration.

To know

Although the tradition of ordering posada has its roots in Mexican culture, it has evolved and adapted in different regions. It is crucial to understand that each place brings its unique touch, but the core of solidarity and community celebration remains constant.

Source: Punto