AMLO boasts of gentrification in CDMX and recommends a restaurant with few foreigners: “Mexico is in fashion”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador boasted that in recent years foreigners have shown a preference for vacationing and living in Mexico, mainly in the city, assuring that the country has always had “a very good reputation in the world,” so he believes that Mexicans should feel proud.

In his morning press conference today, the president stated that Mexico is currently “in fashion” and that having a woman as president for the first time “is going to help a lot”; however, he urged that a count be made on the number of foreigners who settled in the country during his six-year term, especially Americans.

“Claudia Sheinbaum, the first female president of Mexico, that is going to help a lot, so we have to be optimistic, Mexico, which has always had a very good reputation in the world, is now, I’m going to say it like this, in fashion, the whole country, Mexico City, everyone wants to come, from all over the world to vacation here in the city and to live in Mexico City. We have to do a job, which we have done, of how many foreigners, especially Americans, have come to live in Mexico City in the last six years,” he said at the National Palace.

López Obrador acknowledged that there are opinions among the population against foreigners living in Mexico City, with the argument that they cause the increase in housing prices and services, mainly in restaurants in neighborhoods such as Roma, Polanco and Condesa.

However, he said that at least twice a year he eats at the El Cardenal restaurant and pointed out that in his experience, it is not very visited by foreigners.

“There are those who do not like it because it makes services more expensive, and in the restaurants in Roma, Polanco and Condesa, half of the tables are taken, they tell me. Because when I go out to eat, which is once or twice a year, I go to two places, but basically to ‘El Cardenal’, I like it a lot, there with Tito Briz, it is one of the best restaurants in Mexico, but I don’t see so many foreigners there, but there are other places where they are full, there is a line and there are restaurants in Mexico City where you have to make a reservation and wait 15 days before they can provide service.

“And I apologize for saying these things, they seem frivolous to me but so that Mexicans are proud of the moment in which we are living, because we are not going to be listening to those grumpy, angry people that Mexico is being destroyed and what a barbarity, it is not true, it is a pure lie, the majority of people are happy,” he concluded.

Source: infobae