They promote capture and release in sport fishing in Zihuatanejo

For 15 years, nautical service providers have adopted the practice of “catch and release” as a fundamental part of sport fishing in the region. The main focus of this initiative is to preserve marine species such as sailfish, contributing to the sustainability of local fishing resources, reported the president of the “Vida Sana” nautical cooperative, Benigno Guzmán Rosas.

This practice, increasingly popular among foreign tourists, involves fishing and releasing the species rather than retaining them. It is especially appreciated by American and Canadian visitors who participate in sport fishing and prefer to conserve the billfish and sailfish population. Additionally, the cooperative uses barbless hooks, reducing the possibility of harm to captured animals.

Guzmán Rosas stressed the importance of taking care of fishing resources, since they represent a significant part of the community’s income. He highlighted that fishing activity in Zihuatanejo experiences a boom during the months of December, January, February, March and April, with a growing demand from tourists in the current high season.

With around 90 percent activity currently and 90 vessels available, the cooperative expects an increase in demand during the season, highlighting its commitment to sustainable fishing and the conservation of marine species.

Source: Meganoticias