Discrimination against the LGBT+ community in Zihuatanejo has occurred

In recent months, there have been some cases of discrimination against members of the LGBT+ community in Zihuatanejo, specifically trans people whose choice to change gender has not been respected, however, these have been addressed and resolved in the best possible way.

The Head of the Gender Diversity Department, Carlos García Yáñez, recalled that several months ago the problem arose at the Mexican Social Security Institute Clinic in Zihuatanejo, where a trans woman needed to care for a direct relative in the maternity area and was not allowed access due to her gender.

On the contrary, the hospital’s security personnel not only prevented access, but also pushed this person out. Another case occurred in a convenience store, where a trans girl was bullied and not called by the name she adopted with her gender change, but in both cases, thanks to timely intervention, they managed to resolve it.

Carlos García called on the general population to respect each other and live together without resentment or problems. He invited those who are part of the LGBT+ community to speak up if they are harassed or attacked because there are institutions that protect their rights.

Source: meganoticias