The project Dignifying Our Roots-Culture and History of Nayarit is presented

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The state governor, Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero, headed the event called, Highlighting the Historical and Cultural Heritage, where he presented certificates, certificates and badges to various Nayarit companies, the result of the hard business work to position their companies among the best in the state and the country.

It was also announced that during the International Tianguis of Magical Towns, held in San Antonio, Texas, the town of Bellavista was named Magical Neighborhood, and the medal for Tourism Merit was awarded to the Island of Mexcaltitán, located in the municipality of Santiago Ixcuintla; the award was granted by the Ibero-American Federation of Tourism Journalists and the Extraordinary Council of Mexico. The presentation was made by the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués.

“Today we are fulfilling one of the commitments that Bellavista be a magical town, a magical neighborhood, and that we have increased the number of magical towns here in the state, to the number of five, with great effort. Nayarit should not be in the discourse, and here I ask the area of ​​Culture, all the museums of the state, to be rehabilitated, and that it be an improvement that truly dignifies the image of Nayarit; we are going to make Nayarit the capital of culture, the capital of the history of Mexico, because we have a lot of wealth from the past, but we have a lot of wealth to consume in the present, let’s go forward hand in hand, sometimes they don’t understand us well or we don’t understand well, but I believe that deep down we are united by the love we have for our state, by the defense of dignity.”

The Secretary of Tourism, Juan Enrique Suárez del Real Tostado, presented the project Dignifying Our Roots – Culture and History of Nayarit, which seeks to recover the historical spaces of the entity, as a tourist product of interest for national and foreign visitors. He also reported that: “We will be the first state with an accreditation center for official Mexican standards, where starting this year Nayarit will be able to train, free of charge, tourist guides who continue promoting natural resources with official Mexican standards.”

This event, held at the former Bellavista Textile Factory, was attended by Carlos Llamas, municipal delegate of the town, as well as federal and state officials.

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