Tulum Airport: users pay up to 11 thousand pesos in taxi fares

The lowest rate that users pay is 1,496 pesos for the section from the Airport to the center of Tulum

TULUM. The taxi rates that operate at the Tulum International Airport took over social networks, when it was announced that their prices range from 1,496 pesos to the center of Tulum, to 11,842 pesos to Chetumal.

The company Shuttle Express publicly announced its tariff and it shows the high costs of transportation, although it also plays with the capacity of its units.

The prices published are in both pesos and dollars, and are charged by the capacity of the transport unit, which is confusing, but does not free them from high rates. For example, the fare from Tulum airport to the Akumal area is 1,875 pesos.

From the new air terminal to Puerto Aventuras it is 2,420 pesos and to Playa del Carmen it is 3,448 pesos.

The cost of the taxi from Tulum airport to Puerto Morelos is 363 dollars, equivalent to 5,808 pesos. From this same airport to the center of Cancun or the Cancun hotel zone, it increases to 514 dollars, approximately 8,228 pesos.

Meanwhile, whoever lands in Tulum and travels by taxi to Chetumal will have to pay 740 dollars or 11,842 pesos.

The rates of this company became viral on the Internet due to their high cost, although they are collective taxis, in some cases operated by compact cars with capacity for four people and others by vans with capacity for 12 or 15 people.

The rates are that, if a family of 5 or 6 people takes a Van, they must pay the rate, even if they do not occupy all the spaces, because it is charged for full capacity.

The same happens with a family of three or a couple arriving on their honeymoon, they will have to pay the full rate, or wait for the unit going to their destination to fill up, which is tedious for users.

However, it is important to mention that there are other taxi options from various companies, such as ADO, that are a little cheaper.

 Source: El Sol de Mexico