Climate change impacts the Playa Norte area of Mazatlán

Fishermen find it difficult to catch some fish due to the temperatures in the sea.

Mazatlán, Sin.- The fishing community in Playa Norte de Mazatlán faces difficulties due to climate change, since the variation in temperatures in the sea makes it difficult for them to capture certain species.

This situation, although common at this time, has generated concern among those who depend on fishing.

Jorge Ávalos, an experienced fisherman in the area, says that in the last week, they have struggled a lot because of this.

“In the last six days we have not caught what we expected, the weather is influencing it more than usual and this worries us, since it directly affects our income,” said Ávalos.

Although some fishermen point out that it is something they experience every season, it hits them economically.

“It is normal when the climate changes, not all species come out, we struggle a lot to fish what was previously easy for us, so it has hit us in production and economy,” added the fisherman.

The species they catch during this month are the sawfish and snapper, however there is little there, which makes going out to catch them unaffordable for them.

“So far the temperatures have not dropped as expected at the bottom of the sea, that is why there is no product, in addition to the fact that the currents are very changeable,” he explained.

Around 10 boats go fishing per day in Playa Norte, when up to 30 regularly go.

The most that the fishermen bring is between 10 and 15 kilos of Sierra, when in previous years on the same dates they caught up to 45.

 Source: El Sol de Mazatlan