Workers from Acapulco arrive in Vallarta, but fewer than other destinations: CTM

The majority of workers in the Acapulco tourism sector who were left unemployed after the hit of Hurricane “Otis” are moving to Cancún and Los Cabos, to a lesser extent to Puerto Vallarta, reported Juan Huerta Peres, general secretary of the Federation of Workers of Jalisco (FTJ-CTM).

Given the lack of labor suffered by the country’s large beach destinations, Cancun, even though the hotel association, made a direct request to companies in Acapulco to send them workers, “they did not make an agreement like that here because they do not need so many workers. Puerto Vallarta is one of the first places among tourist destinations, it has not had such acute problems, especially in terms of transportation and gastro-hotels.”

However, these problems exist and therefore work is being done to resolve them. “We informed the Secretary of Transportation that we are going to hold courses so that more women join transportation, who tend to be more stable in their work. We are moving forward because we have already been authorized by a company to carry out the training, as CTM we are already going to have a training center for drivers.”

He recalled that the Covid pandemic “terribly affected the issue of workers, who looked for a way to survive, some emigrated to the United States or Canada, and today we are faced with the fact that young people no longer want to work, they prefer to receive a contribution (from the government federal) and with that they live, they do not work, which generates a conflict, we are looking for a way to attract young people again to start a career.”

He pointed out that this last problem is perceived throughout the country that as a tourist center it attracts a lot of labor from other states with less economic possibilities, such as Guerrero, Oaxaca, Chiapas, different entities.

 Source: Contra Linea