Check out the 2023/2024 Mazatlán Winter Events Calendar

Mazatlán is located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa on the west coast of Mexico on the Pacific Ocean.  Mazatlán is known as the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’!

Mazatlán is both a colonial city and a beach resort tourist town with tens of miles of fabulous Beaches and fantastic weather, especially during the winter months!

Mazatlán is a popular year-round tourist destination for Mexican travelers.  From the beginning of November to the end of April, tens of thousands of tourists and snowbirds come from the United States and Canada.

Mazatlán is also known for its culture, fabulous restaurants, and vibrant nightlife!  There are nightclubs for the younger set and many bars/restaurants along the beachfront.  There is also live music and dancing nightly.  

Check out our 2023 Live Music Calendar.  Also, check out our 2023/2024 Mazatlán Events Calendar to see what’s happening in Mazatlán.

There are so many attractions to see in Mazatlán, that you won’t believe it…

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