Mazatlán will open new hotels in 2024

They will be renowned hotels, international chains and own brands with at least 300 rooms between Resorts and Business Class.

MAZATLAN.- Mazatlán will be opening in 2024 with new hotels that are built to receive thousands of tourists, between Resorts and Business Class chain hotels, adding to the 13 thousand rooms that already exist.

According to information from the Secretariat of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán, 12 hotels are under construction with rooms ranging from 20 to 300, so you will have a place to stay.

Among these hotels are the Dreams Resorts & Spa hotel with 350 rooms and which is presumed to be one of the premieres in 2024; The Wyndham brand is building three, the Esplendor with 200 rooms; the Wyndham Marina with 146 rooms and the Wyndham Garden Hotels with 116 rooms.

Holiday Inn returns with one more hotel, in a larger version with 135 rooms by 2024, a mix between business and luxury due to the suites they will offer. The Hyde, which this year laid its first stone and, although it will not open in 2024, we will notice its progress.

In addition to the High Garden, the IWA Hotel and the Aguamarina Talismán hotel on Del Mar Avenue, as well as the expansion of the Cima Hotel, which together will add 1,832 hotel rooms. Most with pools, relaxation areas, recreation, food and close… very close to the beach.

This year was not far behind with the opening of two hotels Fiesta Inn and One, which although they are business class, their proximity to the sea and its amenities have also made them hotels for recreation and relaxation.

How many hotel rooms are there in Mazatlán?

According to information from Sedectur, Mazatlán has at least 13,318 hotel rooms. If we add those that are under construction, we are saying that Mazatlán will have about 15,150 hotel rooms.

It would be 10 thousand rooms less than those in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, its closest beach destination; and 5 thousand below those of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, which has nearly 20 thousand rooms.

What did tourists look for in their accommodation in 2023?

According to studies from platforms such as Despegar, Booking, Expedia and others, tourists looked for places to stay that, in addition to providing them with comfort, gave them the opportunity to feel at home, with typical breakfasts of the place where they were staying and openness for choice of these foods.

And among the destinations that were most searched, in the first place, were places with a certain cultural and historical heritage, this for the recognition of historical value and its decency, as well as a destination with natural value to have the opportunity to meditate.

 Source: Punto