Deputies approve that the next governorship lasts only 2 years in Oaxaca

With 30 votes in favor, the 65th Legislature supported Governor Salomón Jara’s constitutional reform proposal to tie the state elections with the 2030 presidential elections.

Oaxaca de Juárez. — The 65th Legislature of the Congress of Oaxaca approved a constitutional reform that establishes that the next state governorship will have a duration of two years, in order to tie federal elections with all local electoral processes.

This reform proposed by Governor Salomón Jara Cruz and presented by the parliamentary faction of Morena, was approved with 33 votes in favor and five votes against, one of them from the local representative of that same party, Concepción Rueda, who described this decision of her colleagues on the bench as an “affront to women.”

Matching federal elections with all local elections, according to the opinion of the Constitutional Affairs Commission of the local Legislative Branch, has the objective of reducing spending on electoral processes by around 350 million pesos. It also argues as a basis for the 2014 electoral reform, which establishes the concurrence of federal electoral processes with at least one local election in the 32 states of the country.

The above despite the fact that in Oaxaca the electoral processes of the city councils that are governed by political parties and the deputations were already concurrent.

In her speech during the ordinary session in the local Congress, Concepción Rueda stated that the approval of this constitutional reform “is an affront to the women of Oaxaca, a setback to the struggle of all and an insult to the transformative ideals that they put forward.

The Morena legislator reiterated that this is political violence based on gender because with the principle of alternation and parity, the chances are high that the next state government would be headed by a woman.

“The reform limits and violates the political rights of Oaxacan women who aspire to govern the state… There is no justification for, within the framework of the arrival of the first governor of Oaxaca, the time of her public administration management at the head of the state to be limited. “

Rueda questioned the local deputies of the 65th Legislature of the State Congress who voted in favor of this reform and announced that he will go to court to challenge this constitutional reform.

For the latter, she called on civil society organizations and indigenous women to “join efforts to defend the political rights of women.”

 Source: El Universal