They warn of possible conflicts in Cuxtitali El Pinar

Residents ask for the release of their detained colleagues, otherwise they will hold protests

San Cristóbal de Las Casas.- Around 150 people from the Cuxtitali El Pinar Ejido demonstrated outside the Palace of Justice, to request the release of their colleagues who were detained, when they were supposedly going to sign a civility pact, due to an agrarian problem that they maintain with another group of ejidatarios.

At a press conference, they asked the intervention of government delegate Martha Decker, since her colleagues were summoned to a meeting at the offices of the Agrarian Attorney’s Office in the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, to make a civility pact, however they were deceived and detained.

They indicated that they are dissatisfied because they believed they were going to reach an agreement, but on the contrary they were detained, which could lead to more conflicts, since they warned the authorities in charge of the administration of justice that if they did not release their companions, they could take other protest measures.

Finally, they held delegate Martha Decker responsible for any conflict, since she was the one who agreed to reach a non-aggression agreement between two groups, so they feel deceived and will now fight for the freedom of their companions.

 Source: NVI Noticias