Plans are underway to create a tourist corridor in Veracruz and Tlaxcala

Orizaba, Ver.- Presidents of the Chambers of Commerce of Veracruz, Córdoba, Orizaba and Tlaxcala signed a collaboration agreement to add strategies with a view to creating a corridor that generates greater benefits for formal commerce.

Miguel Ángel Ramírez, president of Canaco Orizaba, explained that the purpose is to form a tourist corridor with Puebla, Tlaxcala, Orizaba, Córdoba and Veracruz Puerto, Acayucan, Minatitlán, Coatzacoalcos, Xalapa and Cardel.

The theme we bring is that through Canaco Card Digital we can acquire products and services in all organized businesses that belong to the different chambers of Commerce and obtain discounts ranging from five to 20%, to promote the local and regional economy.

During the signing, the president of Canaco Veracruz, Edi Alberto Martínez Tejeda said that this type of twinning adds to the joint work that each chamber carries out.

In Veracruz, he added, they work on different programs and actions that allow the economic reactivation of the city. This organization represents more than 12 thousand commercial units, which generate more than 200 thousand jobs.

He stressed that it is important that the business sector in the area of Veracruz, Córdoba, Orizaba and Tlaxcala be integrated into a corridor that seeks the benefit of the entire sector.

For his part, Joseph Rodríguez, president of Canaco Tlaxcala, thanked the twinning that seeks to strengthen themselves as chambers, which although they work together through Concanaco, this agreement will allow them to strengthen themselves.

“This corridor has the intention of uniting us more on the issue of commerce-service-tourism, which is the tertiary sector represented by those organizations that seek to collaborate more closely and carry out economic reactivation after the pandemic and increase the number of affiliates. ”

Carlos Lara, president of the Orizaba-Córdoba Business Coordinating Council, said that this will represent more work and representation for the entire area. Those who signed the collaboration agreement are organizations with a lot of activity and good leadership, which is why they predicted success and many good things for the area from the business field.

 Source: El Sol de Orizaba