Businessmen upset by traffic on the Córdoba highway

Suspending work in Caseta de Fortín and Puente Metlac until December 18 is not a viable measure

Orizaba, Ver.- The removal of the Caseta structure and the maintenance of the Metlac bridge, collapse the Southeast of the country, as it causes a bottleneck at the height of Fortín and lines of cargo, passenger and private vehicles, up to 42 kilometers, stated Carlos Lara, president of the Orizaba-Córdoba Business Coordinating Council.

He pointed out that through a statement, Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe) notified that the works will be suspended on December 18, to open the four lanes; However, the CCE asked that they consider opening that section in its four lanes as soon as possible; “That is our direct request, because what we are experiencing is unprecedented, they have collapsed and strangled the Southeast of the country, both up and down it is chaos.”

In 10 days, they suspend the work to resume it in the first week of January, however, he considered that it is urgent to find a solution to this situation, “for them to come and take a look around so they can see what is happening.”

He asserted that the losses due to this situation are incalculable, since all transportation passes through there, from the transfer of perishables to the health issue due to some transfer of the sick or injured, whether Social Security or private; “There are million-dollar losses in fuel, man-hours; “What we are experiencing is something unprecedented.”

In terms of security, the representative of the business chambers recalled that they have a collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Public Security, which is responsible for providing coverage in that area by motorcycle patrols.

He pointed out that monitoring this area corresponds to the National Guard, however, they do it with patrols and putting them on the line of vehicles is not viable.

He added that what the Ministry of Public Security brought is a group of motorcycle patrols that go up and down throughout the affected area, to reduce the incidence of crime and, “it has worked quite well, there have been some cases, but at beginning, which was very spectacular, has now dropped considerably.”

Finally, as to whether they have confirmed that the Metlac bridge is truly maintained, he highlighted that the work is not above, it is below, it is structural, basic, and “when you drive by you don’t realize it. The work being done is well justified and complemented by the videos of the work they are doing, which is basically structural,” he concluded.

To remember:

In 90 days, the work will be carried out to remove the former Fortín shed and level the asphalt layer. It is expected that at the end of February or beginning of March 2024, the great issue of the removal of the Fortín Caseta will be concluded.

 Source: El Sol de Orizaba