Veracruz, in a security crisis, warns the Diocese of Orizaba

He stated that the violent events make the population feel a climate of insecurity that is not normal.

The spokesperson for the Diocese of Orizaba, Helkyn Enríquez Báez, pointed out that it is not necessary for an international alert to be given to see that the issue of security is in crisis in the state of Veracruz.

He indicated that there are events that have occurred in recent days that hurt communities and families and make the population feel a climate of insecurity that is not normal and that no one should resign themselves to suffering.

“We know that it is possible to live better, to live in peace, we have had periods like this in the life of our country. There is peace in other latitudes and we believe that this is an indicator of a country that is truly developing,” he remarked.

The spokesperson for the Diocese of Orizaba mentioned that when there is a climate of tranquility and serenity in the communities, people live well.

He regretted that suddenly we do not want to hear the different voices at the level of our communities, our state or the country, and even abroad, when a climate of insecurity is evident and this has an impact on the way other nations see us.

He even pointed out that tourists often make decisions such as not going to a place that does not provide safe conditions.

It is worth remembering that only last Saturday, in the municipalities of Nogales and Mendoza, there were mobilizations by relatives and neighbors of four workers who disappeared in the municipality of Mendoza, after being detained by elements of municipal transit, as well as one more than presumably came from Tlaxcala and about whom nothing more was known.

 Source: Imagen del Golfo