Canadian tourist dies after an animal attack on Zihuatanejo beach, Guerrero

It is speculated that a shark attacked some bathers who were enjoying the sea in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero

A 76-year-old Canadian tourist died this Thursday from a shark attack. The events occurred in Playa Quieta, in Guerrero, north of the Guerrero municipality of Zihuatanejo.

According to local media, it was reported that according to paramedic reports, the tourist would have died as a result of the injuries suffered by the animal’s bite on one of his limbs, which caused him to bleed to death minutes after the attack.

According to the report from the Emergency Attention Center of the Secretariat of Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection in the Costa Grande region, the incident occurred minutes after 9:00 a.m. local time in the beach area of the Club Med hotel, located in the second hotel section of Ixtapa.

Municipal Civil Protection sources doubt whether the animal is a shark or a crocodile, since this type of reptile is also abundant in the area. In addition to this attack, a woman, a partner of the first victim, has also been attacked in the water and has been taken to a nearby hospital.

At the moment, the Quieta Beach of Ixtapa has been closed by the authorities, while elements of the Navy search for the animal.

For their part, the Civil Protection have reported that these types of attacks do not usually occur in Playa Quieta, however, the woman has been taken to a nearby hospital due to the animal’s bite, although the severity of her injuries is unknown at this time.

The municipal president, Jorge Sánchez Alec, reported in statements to the media that, in that same event, a woman, the romantic partner of the man who died, was injured, who is stable, according to the latest medical reports. Likewise, the municipal president said that marine biologists have expressed a high probability that the attack was by a crocodile. However, he clarified that a bacteriological analysis is being carried out to determine what happened, which, he announced, will be reported this Friday.

Near Quieta Beach, in the Mexican Pacific and which has been presented as inclusive for people with disabilities, there is a crocodile farm that, according to the mayor, has been reinforced in terms of security.

Recently, the presence of a crocodile alerted tourists on El Palma beach in Ixtapa, without it happening to adults. Likewise, in previous years specimens have also been observed on La Ropa beach in Zihuatanejo, where there is also a smaller estuary.

Meanwhile, shark attacks have also been recorded on Costa Grande beaches: in 2019, an American tourist was the victim of an attack in Troncones, municipality of La Unión, adjacent to Zihuatanejo.

Shark attacks in Mexico

A week ago a similar attack was recorded on Melaque beach in the State of Jalisco. A shark attacked María Fernanda, who was just 26 years old. It is deduced that this attack was due to the Aqua Fest inflatable, since according to specialists, this type of game generates a shadow of approximately 30 by 20 meters, which could have attracted the shark in search of food.

Source: Informador