Gringo has already been adopted from Sonora: his Spanish accent is also strong (VIDEO)

Tom feels well adapted to Sonora, he even opened a blog, to show his compatriots the culture of Sonora, its people, gastronomy and places to visit in his own language.

Tom is an American citizen who married a Sonoran woman and has lived in Hermosillo for 4 years and immediately fell in love with the city, the state and everything there is here, its food, its beaches and other natural beauties.

“My accent is Sonoran, how proud, this is a comment from my carnal in English, first I was thinking that I was making a joke or a prank, ‘We are going like some very dead reds my friend or we are going to pistear’, then I am going to speak normal for a little bit and you tell me what my accent is like,” Tom mentions in the video.

In his videos you can see that he has not wasted time and has visited many places, towns and cities within Sonora, and within Hermosillo he has gone to the flea markets and has known all the culture of the neighborhoods, and has been left with a good taste in his mouth, because he considers that Sonora is a safe state and does not feel in danger despite what many people in his country think.

“I have heard different things, it depends, and you tell me when I am speaking bad Spanish, clearly I am a gringo, but when I am speaking very good Spanish, many, I don’t know, I think they are confused, they say it is something like Sinaloa, one person asked me Yes, I am a Mennonite and my wife is always making fun of me, ‘Hey love, can you make me some cheese?’ and smiles at the end of that comment.

Tom already feels very identified and believes that his accent is no longer as strong as some of his compatriots speak and his Spanish feels very good and he has no difficulties in communicating with anyone who speaks Spanish and with that he already feels safer in these lands.

Without a doubt, one more reason to fall in love with Sonora is for its meat and this has been reaffirmed by Tom in another video and he likes to put his grill at home and throw in some good pieces of meat and do that very Sonoran ritual of lighting the charcoal and putting everything that will accompany our meat and finally enter the taquitos with faith.

“Do you know why I love living in Sonora? It’s because my neighbor is a butcher and I always bring the best cuts to my house, directly from the ranch, fresh, the meat in Sonora is very delicious, I’m ready for roast beef this weekend, greetings friends, goodbye, up to Sonora,” he said goodbye.

Source: El Sol de Hermosillo