Do you know which monuments in Mazatlán are tourists’ favorites?

The Pedro Infante monument, the Continuity of Life monument and the Fisherman’s Monument delight visitors

Mazatlán, Sin.- The Malecón de Mazatlán is a coastal promenade full of history and architectural beauty thanks to the monuments that are located on it and that amaze tourists.

Through a survey carried out by El Sol de Mazatlán, visitors expressed which monuments caught their attention the most when visiting the city.

José Pérez, a visitor from Mexico City, enthusiastically shared that the monument to Pedro Infante is his favorite, since he is a big fan of the Idol of Mexico.

“The statue of Pedro Infante is simply impressive, it is a tribute to a legend of Mexican music, the truth is I am a big fan of ‘Torito’ and coming to see this statue is beautiful to me,” said the tourist.

The Continuity of Life, or popularly known as dolphins, was also one of those mentioned by tourists.

“The sculpture is so beautiful and symbolic, I love how it represents the connection between generations and especially the place where it is located, it is what gives it that touch, it has been my favorite,” commented Paulina Cruz, originally from Chihuahua.

And the most well-known and iconic of all, the famous Fisherman’s Monument, is also a visitor favorite.

“This monument is very beautiful, although it lacks maintenance, no one can take away how beautiful it is, in height and in everything, it has been my favorite,” said Fátima Osuna, a tourist originally from Nuevo Laredo.

Great attractions

The monuments are places that remain engraved in the memory of visitors, in addition to being the ideal setting for taking a photo to remember their visit to the port.

In the survey they also mentioned the pulmonias monument, the baseball players’ monument, the new Venado and the family monument, which is located in the photographic inn on Del Mar Avenue.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan