Tampico, tourist destination with the best hotel occupancy during the summer: Banxico

Among the cities with beaches in the north of the country, there was a high number of visitors in the third quarter, explained the quarterly survey

The tourist destination of Tampico and Playa Miramar were considered by businessmen among the three cities with the best performance in hotel occupancy in rest areas on the coast, also resulting in a better perception of safety on the roads of Tamaulipas that converge towards the area. south, the business owners told the Bank of Mexico (Banxico).

Within the Survey of Regional Economies in the period from July to September, which covered part of the summer vacations in the present 2023, they pointed out that despite the low exchange rate compared to the dollar, in addition to the effects of the inflation, there was significant dynamism in the tourism and services sector when competing with other entities in the north of the country.

“Managers pointed out a good performance of hotel occupancy on beaches in the region; such as Tampico, Tamaulipas, as well as San Carlos in Sonora and Ensenada and Rosarito, both in Baja California. They attributed this performance to a better summer season, to the better perception of safety on some roads in Tamaulipas and to the holding of festivals in Baja California,” they noted.

Both in this municipality and in Ciudad Madero, where the largest natural tourist attraction in the region is located, more than one million visitors were counted by the state Tourism Secretariat, having as attractions the former Customs House, the Historic Center, the lagoon The Carpenter and the new Ferris wheel.

In contrast, business managers pointed out that the lower purchasing power of families, due to the effects of inflation, negatively influenced the demand for tourist services. Likewise, they indicated that pressures on input costs caused increases in their lodging rates, the document states.

“Additionally, business contacts continued to report that the strength of the peso against the dollar discourages the flow of tourists from the United States, since it makes destinations in the region relatively more expensive in relation to international destinations,” the survey explained.

Source: Milenio