Unmissable activities to do this winter in Mazatlán

MAZATLAN.- If we talk about incredible activities, Mazatlán is a good place to do them and enjoy them to the fullest. As you well know, our port is very privileged and we are fortunate to have a wide variety of things to do, from going on a day at the beach, walking through the Historic Center or along the spectacular Malecón.

The port has grown so much that every year new places and attractions are added that may catch your attention whether you are a tourist or a Mazatlan resident.

Few know it, but just 45 minutes from Mazatlán, the Picachos Dam is located and you are surely wondering what you can do besides observing the landscape, let us tell you that sport and artisanal fishing is one of the top activities.

The dam is exclusively for sport and artisanal fishing (other activities are not allowed). It has all the equipment to go fishing, there are restaurants, cabins, boats, equipment, guides and transportation. A little further down the road that leads to the dam there are very good country restaurants. The airport is very close, in the port of Mazatlán.

Black bass is fished intensely here, it is a really fun prey due to its high capture rate. There are fishing sessions that range from 25 to 80 catches per session depending on your skills.

To organize a day of fishing (day trip) or a longer stay, we recommend you call our colleagues and experts at Nomonday.mx fishing in Mexico & latam or call 6692329911.

Onca Explorations

Onca Exploraciones tours are for people looking to get away from mass tourism and find authentic experiences in nature. With more than 5 years of experience, tours in and around Mazatlán, Sinaloa include swimming with dolphins, winter whale watching, bay walks, the Piedras Labradas petroglyphs, and explorations of the region’s mangroves.

You’re in luck, because whale watching season has just started, and it’s definitely an activity you should experience at least once in your life.

The duration of their trip is 4 hours, they have availability every day. Their daily departures start at 8:00 a.m. (subject to availability). Reservations required (Season: December 8 to March 31)

For reservations you can call 669 154 0475.

Beer Bike by Bichola

Do you like Mazatlán, pedaling and craft beer? We have the perfect plan for you, so you can enjoy the port in a big way and in a very original way, with the Bichola Beer Bike.

The Bichola Beer Bike is a transport that keeps moving with the pedals that passengers must start from their seats, while they are served with drinks of craft beer. Wow, everything is electric and people can decide if they pedal or not.

Do you feel like a little trip? The Bichola Beer Bike has capacity for 12 people and each place costs 500 pesos. When you purchase your ticket you have the right to a two-hour ride along the Mazatlán boardwalk and 2 liters of your favorite Bichola beer.

If you want to live the experience you can make your reservation at number 669 146 0565; or, request information through Facebook and Instagram.

Mazatlan Adventours

Can you imagine taking a tour of the entire Mazatlán boardwalk and its attractions? Now you can do it and with the best style. Mazatlan Adventours has slingshot and stop available, here we explain what they are.

The Slingshot is a three-wheeled sensation that everyone will love, it is neither a car nor a motorcycle, but it combines the best of both to create a completely new way to feel the thrill of riding the road.

The route begins at the Casanova roundabout and continues to the Pedro Infante monument, it is the route that slingshots can take. Contact them! They are located at Avenida Camarón Sábalo 1013, Zona Dorada.

Relax for a while with sports activities

Not everything is partying or going from tingo to tango doing excursions, you can also include in your plan going to relax for a little while playing different sports.

Padel Place Mzt

Playing paddle tennis has become one of the most popular activities in recent years and Mazatlán is no exception.

Padel Place is the best option to practice this activity, since it has indoor courts, a paddle equipment store, in case you don’t have one, a restaurant with snacks and drinks, and even bathrooms with showers.

Take a walk with your friends or your partner, Padel Place is located in front of Plaza Galerías next to the Anglo Moderno Institute.

Where do I reserve? You can reserve some of their courts and if you want to learn to practice padel, they have certified coaches who give classes, just click here.


Baseball fan? In Mazatlán there is a place where you will have a great time by showing your talent with the bat, it is the bar called “Beisbox”, the only one in the port that offers you the experience of a bar, but also the opportunity to practice your turns on the box. of batting, do you dare to set up a challenge with your friends?

There are also several tables to play pool, so grab all your friends for a de-stress at this bar.

Beisbox is located on Paseo del Atlantico Avenue, 6107 1 in Marina Mazatlán / Telephone: 669 177 2532. They will assist you from Monday to Sunday from 10 in the morning to 12 at night.

Source: Punto