Tourists flee the cold and take refuge in Mazatlán with their motorhomes

The head of Ángeles Verdes called on drivers to drive very carefully on the Sinaloa roads during this holiday season

MAZATLÁN.- The largest contingent of foreign tourists arriving in Sinaloa in caravans of motorhomes during the winter season is expected to arrive until January or February, according to José Ricardo Picos Quintero, head of services of the Ángeles Verdes corporation in Sinaloa. This is because the weather in their places of origin is still suitable for them in these months.

Picos Quintero mentioned that most of these caravans come mainly from Canada and the United States, and choose to spend some time in Sinaloa, with Mazatlán as their preferred destination. Those motorhomes that have transited through the region in November and December generally head to Guadalajara.

The head of Ángeles Verdes highlighted that, although for a few weeks the arrival of trailer parks to Mexico has been noticed, a significant increase is expected in about two weeks, especially when the year 2024 begins.

“So far, we have observed motorhomes in transit to other states such as Nayarit, although they are mainly headed to Jalisco. They are already asking about the safety of the roads and their conditions,” Picos Quintero stressed.

The most considerable flow of these rolling tourists to Mazatlán is expected in the first three months of the new year, that is, January, February and March. In recent years, a good transit of countrymen has been experienced during this period.

Caution is first

As for the recommendations for motorists who travel on the roads of Sinaloa and the country, it is emphasized that they drive with extreme caution and at a reduced speed, given the existence of numerous complaints about the conditions of the roads.

A 50 percent increase in traffic on the roads of Sinaloa is forecast for this weekend due to the Christmas festivities.

Source: Punto