MazFest lights up different plazas in Sinaloa with the Christmas tree lighting

In search of giving a pleasant moment to children and adults, a few days ago in Culiacán and Mazatlán the lighting of the Christmas pines was carried out

MAZATLÁN. – A highly anticipated event at this time of year is the lighting of the Christmas tree, which symbolizes the hope and light that the season brings. For many people, this moment is important, as it represents the union, generosity and magic of sharing unforgettable moments with loved ones.

The day the Christmas tree shines offers a great opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed and anticipate the happiness that the festivities will bring. The lights that illuminate the hearts of children and adults create a warm and cozy atmosphere that inspires everyone to celebrate.

Ninfa Padrón, general director of MazFest and marketing manager of Plaza Acaya, filled with love, laughter, charm and much happiness thousands of souls in different corners of Sinaloa, giving a special touch on these dates of love and joy with the arrival of the Magic of Christmas.

MazFest had the responsibility of lighting the Christmas trees in Plaza Acaya, Plaza Forum, Plaza Caibe, Plaza Explanada and Poder Judicial. The lighting of these centers not only illuminates the places, but also becomes an additional attraction for visitors, both local families and visitors.

In these places, children, young people and adults have enjoyed magical moments, feeling the Christmas spirit in Sinaloa. This has led to celebrations that foster values such as unity and solidarity among families, as well as among friends, acquaintances and different people.

Whole families go out to enjoy this festivity, going to the various plazas mentioned in both Mazatlán and Culiacán, where the lighting that MazFest has given to the Sinaloans with the traditional Christmas pine is lived with great enthusiasm and happiness.

Source: Punto