Two subjects are linked to process for the homicide of a Canadian in Quintana Roo

The Quintana Roo Prosecutor’s Office achieved the linking to the process of two people for their probable participation in the homicide of a person of foreign origin in a gym in Cancun.

The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Quintana Roo reported that two subjects were linked to the process for their probable relationship with the qualified homicide, to the detriment of a person of foreign origin, in an event that occurred on December 13, in a gym located in a commercial plaza in Cancun, municipality of Benito Juárez.

The prosecutor Raciel López Salazar announced the progress of the investigations around the homicide of the Canadian citizen of Moroccan descent, and for which the now linked Luis Felipe ‘N’ and Juan Pablo ‘N’ are involved, who will remain in preventive detention for two years while the process lasts.

The official highlighted the arrest and subsequent linking to the process of two male persons, who allegedly dedicated themselves to studying the victim’s steps from a month and a half before the homicide, to provide the information to the one who finally deprived him of his life.

He explained that according to the videos obtained from the gym’s surveillance circuit, an aggressor entered the place to know the facilities, which he used to locate his victim, who was exercising and with his back to the hitman. Then, he received from the subject three shots in the head with a caliber 380 firearm.

After committing the murder, the subject managed to escape from the gym through the corridor of the plaza until reaching the roof of a bank branch, from where he jumped to the outside of the shopping center from a height of approximately five meters. Later, he fled on a motorcycle, where one of his accomplices was already waiting for him.

During his escape, the murderer abandoned the firearm, which was analyzed by specialized personnel from the General Directorate of Forensic Services, resulting in the same one with which he deprived the victim of his life.

Raciel López highlighted that the investigation that is carried out around these facts, revealed that the victim had a criminal record in Montreal, Canada, that include serious crimes and participation in organized crime, he was also in prison between 2008 and 2017 for drug trafficking.

On the other hand, the same day that the homicide was registered and as a result of a coordinated work, elements of the Municipal Police of Benito Juárez and the State Police, arrested Luis Felipe ‘N’, and Juan Pablo ‘N’, when they were circulating on board a vehicle with a theft report on the Cancun-Merida highway.

The subjects, identified as alleged members of a criminal group, used said vehicle to follow the victim and collect the necessary information related to their activities, which was delivered to the hitman to execute the crime.

It is important to highlight that authorization was obtained from a federal judge for the extraction of information from the mobile devices secured to both detainees. In these phones, photographic evidence of the participation of these subjects in the homicide of the Canadian was found, among these, images of his particular vehicle, his escorts, his spouse and notes with the itinerary of the activities carried out by the deceased today.

Luis Felipe ‘N’, and Juan Pablo ‘N’ were made available to a Control Judge, who, after analyzing the evidence presented by the investigating public prosecutor, decided to link them to the process and imposed the precautionary measure of preventive detention, for the crime of qualified homicide, reason why they remain imprisoned in the Cancun prison.

Source: Radio Formula