Beach cleaning before the end of the year

The organization Azul Centeo launched a video to call and raise awareness after the closure of Olas Altas beach due to contamination

-Close the year with all the attitude and join the beach cleaning that Azul Centeo is organizing for next December 29.

The reason is to raise awareness about the impact of the closure of Olas Altas beach due to contamination, entering among the 6 most polluted in Mexico according to the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks.

The cleaning will be at Pinitos beach and from there they will distribute to cover as much as they can. It will start at 9:00 am and all hands will help to keep the area cleaner.

Olas Altas Mazatlán

In a video that they launched on social networks, the biologists Cui Corrales and Leslie Acosta explained that the closure due to contamination of Olas Altas is the result of a series of problems such as the poor drainage system and the management of solid waste.

“Mazatlán has a serious problem of drainage and sewerage, to solve this issue the government must work to modernize and provide maintenance to the sewerage and drainage system, as well as the storm channels”

Leslie Acosta expressed that the responsibility is also of society, since the garbage in the streets causes blockages and generates more damage.

It was at the beginning of this week that the authorities announced the closure of Olas Altas beach due to the high levels of contamination that they detected in it, preventing the entry of bathers; this Friday, after a series of samples in the water quality, the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks of Sinaloa determined that the beach was already suitable for recreational use.

Kit that will serve you for beach cleaning


Trash bags

Cap or hat


Source: Punto