With 10 new patrol cars and two 4×4 trucks, they reinforce Traffic and Civil Protection in Mazatlán

Alcalde de Mazatlán entrega equipos a transito municipal y protección civil

With an investment of 5 million 343 thousand pesos, Mayor Edgar González Zataráin delivered a total of 10 already equipped patrol cars to the Municipal Transit Sub-directorate and two 4×4 trucks to the Civil Protection Coordination, to reinforce their work.

In his message, the mayor said that in the little more than 100 days left of his administration, they will continue with the equipment of the dependencies and corporations, because it is not only about his administration but about fulfilling the commitments that his government made with the citizens.

“The equipment is not for the administration itself as the administration in turn but as a permanent government, whoever is there, it is for the population, it is for the citizens, and I believe that the best legacy that we can leave Mazatlán is to leave them well equipped, strengthened. That we fulfill those goals that we set ourselves, with those commitments that we made with the citizens.”

González Zataráin mentioned that in these two years he delivered patrol cars, motorcycle patrols and uniforms to the Municipal Public Security Secretariat; he provided the Aquatic Police with jet skis and ATVs, and the Traffic Police and Civil Protection with these new units.

He added that in the next few days they will provide uniforms to the traffic police agents, since they have not received this support for more than 10 years.

The delivery of the new units took place on the esplanade of the Plazuela República, and the mayor commented that more than a protocol event, it represents the obligation to provide information with transparency, about what is done with public resources.

Source: lineadirectaportal